Torii Wolf Drops Much Anticipated ‘Free’ With Macklemore & DJ Premier

Written by Rahoul Naik

Torii Wolf may not be a name many of our readers have heard of, yet the singer/songwriter has been active in music for a while and more recently, she has been working with the legendary DJ Premier.

The duo’s first work came out last autumn in the form of Shadows Fall, which also got various remix treatment throughout the winter months.

The duo are now back in 2017, and in the run up to Wolf’s debut album, with a new single called Free. Premier’s big black book also came in handy as they drafted in Macklemore to put the cherry on top.

The track itself would fit somewhere between Pop and R&B with hi-hats, drums and brass taking the majority of the stage besides Wolf’s interesting voice, something unique to the artist. You can hear the DJ Premier influence alongside King of Chilli, who produced the track.

Speaking to COMPLEX, Wolf said that “True freedom comes from within; it’s the battle we face each day with our own identity. Having the confidence to be comfortable in our skin and with who we are; and being our true authentic selves. I find the content of someone else’s mind most attractive.

The concept of the song becomes easy to understand as both Wolf’s and Macklemore’s verses really resonate with the topic at hand and give the listener some opening for emotion and opinion.

Torii Wolf’s debut album, Flow Riiot, is out not he 29th September and you can pre-order it here. In the meantime, check out the track below.


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