Tazer Returns Sounding Stronger Than Ever On ‘Rave Slave’ EP

Written by Rahoul Naik

Multi-talented DJ/Producer Tazer exists as one of the freshest talents to emerge from British shores in recent times. Raised on a diet of Motown and golden age hip-hop, this helped form the rich core of Oxford-raised Tazer’s early education into the rhythmic and melodic elements he’s now skilfully inserted, into a unique and polished sound.

It may have been a surprise for some when the producer stepped out of the limelight for a couple years, even after his great collaboration with R&B artist Tink. His Facebook page states that his time away has been a “a journey resulting in broadened horizons and a richer musical palette, much of which we are still yet to see, in its entirety.” The new Rave Slave EP most definitely starts to give an idea of his new elevated sound.

Tazer’s new EP showcases the hypnotic and twisted bassline, garage vibes and sexy vocals that helped him to win widespread acclaim with Wet Dollars and Vibrate.

The second track, Low Key Groove then takes things even deeper and darker with a bass hook that slowly works its way into the listener’s head before building to an all-out peak-time classic.

Check out both tracks below and get familiar (again) with Tazer and his sound.


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