P!nk Gives Us A Peek Into Long-Awaited Album ‘Beautiful Trauma’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Whether it was her smash hit Get The Party Started or follow-up Raise A Glass that really got you into P!nk’s love-able ‘fuck you and your shit’ style of pop, her return to pop in it’s new sense is very much welcomed.

P!nk’s new single, What About Us incorporates every ingredient needed for a pop hit; from a catchy piano loop to a synth-led to sing-a-long lyrics and a strong message behind it all, it seems that P!nk, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac realy got their act together for this and picked the right song to put out as the first single.

Some could mistake the track for a new effort from one of the many DJs and Producers that seem to be dominating the charts such as Jonas Blue or Chainsmokers, but P!nk’s voice is undeniable and again, this track allows her to express herself and show off her control and range.

Her upcoming album, Beautiful Trauma is set to be released in mid-October and will be her first full project in 5 years, we couldn’t imagine a world without music from P!nk and so it is surprisingly it took this long, but we welcome it with both arms.

Check out the track below and get ready to pre-order the new project.

Credit: PinkVEVO


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