Double S Pays Homage To Pirate Radio Stations On New Single

Written by Edward Burrell

Tottenham’s Double S has been a stalwart in the Grime scene for a long time now from being in Shoddy Crew to more recently, Marvell. His newest effort, Radio, pays homage to the ‘golden’ era of Grime where pirate radio stations really ran the game.

The first two verses reflect on the talent that emerged from the pirate radio era which was mainly Garage MCs. Heartless Crew and So Solid Crew were a big part of that, which is why Double S adapts Bushkin’s (Heartless crew), Megaman’s and Harvey’s (So Solid) flows on the track. By doing this so well, the concept fits with the title and the hook, bringing us back to the times when the radio was the best media outlet the scene had to express itself.

The last verse is shouting out to Boy Better Know, as Double S was close to Skepta when coming up in the game. Despite this fact, it’s Frisco’s flow that he adapts in this verse. The fact that he can pull this track off means he is not only an undoubtable veteran, he is also an extremely versatile MC.

The Flow Farda is currently working on his next mixtape and we are massively excited to see what he brings to the table.

Credit: SBTV: Music


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