WSTRN Link Up With Dancehall’s Alkaline For ‘Txtin’

Written by Francis Barton

WSTRN members Louis Rei, Haile and Akelle Charles have brought Alkaline onto their latest effort, Txtin’.  This may be the last track Akelle is seen on for the near future as he was recently sentenced for violent disorder, which will see him on the inside for four and a half years.

The visuals take place in the slums of Jamaica, which can only be seen as paying homage to the group’s roots and the full vibe of the song, to which Alkaline adds some authenticity. The visuals adds a much more summery vibe to the track which can only help it’s success.

The song is extremely catchy and the beat combined with the different styles of vocals from Louis Rei to Haile provide for a quality summer song. Even if the vocals themselves are not overly memorable, the combination of all the different elements will be sure to have you listening to it on repeat.

After WSTRN’s huge success with In2 and its subsequent remixes, it seemed like a song of that calibre was a one-off, but after the release of Txtin’ that has well and truly been proven wrong.

Listen to it for yourself below:

Credit: WSTRN


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