Dappy Gives Us The ‘Straight Facts’

Written by Francis Barton

Former N-Dubz group member, Dappy has released a new freestyle called “Straight Facts”.

Costadinos Contostavlos, better known as Dappy, recently got arrested for having a knife in a public place and threatening his wife, but was released without jail time. Shortly after his release, he hit the studio in an attempt to get back on the straight and narrow and brought us a track detailing his rise and fall from the music industry, the people to blame, and issues he went through with his family.

He mentions having to give mouth to mouth to his dead father with a face covered in blood and feeling puzzled; who can blame him?

The track has already amassed 400,000 views, showing us that Dappy still has appeal and demand in 2017. It has been years since we’ve seen emotion like this in a song from Dappy.

The visuals are kept simple but yet are so effective. A black wall displaying all of his previous plaques, both as a solo artist and as part of N-Dubz remind us of what a significant player Dappy used to be in the industry and aside from the plaques themselves, how little else Dappy has to show for it.

The simplicity of it all makes it easier to focus on the deep lyrics. He seems adamant on returning as a major artist, he says himself “Although I was excluded this industry’s still my playground”.  This song is a great first step in doing that.

You can hear it for yourself here:

Credit: TheDappyVEVO


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