Davina Oriakhi Is Versatile And Vulnerable On Debut Album ‘Love To A Mortal’

Written by Rahoul Naik

The London born, Abuja bred singer, songwriter and poet, Davina Oriakhi has dropped her much anticipated debut album, Love To A Mortal. 

Building on the momentum she has been garnering this year, from her recently released and well-received singles Silence (Father Have Mercy), F.S.L.S (Find Self Love Self) and Juju, and strong support from fans and critics alike across Europe and Africa, the young singer has finally put her first stamp on the game.

The 9-track offering, which was mixed and mastered by Shaun ‘Hypertone’ Barrett (Snakehips, Jessie J, Alesha Dixon), runs the gamut of soul, hip-hop, jazz, spoken word and everything in between, with themes of love, life and spirituality, and sees the artist collaborating with burgeoning musicians Gabriel Ryder, The Chordinator and Nobong D’Synth on production.

From the album opener, It’s All About Love which is an assured piano ballad that straddles the line between spoken word and pop-soul, while taking its inspiration from The Bible,to some glorious spoken word with Temptation | Relapse and Before The Silence, about battling lust and pursuing fleeting pleasures, which serve as the perfect prelude to the album’s lead single Silence (Father Have Mercy), with its Reggae-influenced backdrop provided by Nobong D’Synth, offering the perfect antithesis to the frustrations that Davina reveals on the lyrics.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her Love To A Mortal album, Davina says, “the LP is an expression of a spiritual love journey, from finding love, to the realisation of lust and deceptive emotions, temptation, and relapse, to depression, forgiveness, then healing, mental and spiritual battles, to self love and the road to self discovery and acceptance, and the outer-body feeling of love and joy… It’s a journey, and each track represents each stop on that journey”.

We urge you to go have a look at this masterfully put together album from Oriakhi, a former Nigerian Teens Choice Award winner, and just watch her career fly.

Check out the full album below:


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