Jessie Ware Makes A Stunning Comeback With ‘Midnight’

Written by Leo Baldi

Jessie Ware is officially back. Three years after her second acclaimed album, a marriage and a baby daughter, she is ready for her third, yet untitled, record and she just released the first single. The song was premiered on Annie Mac’s Hottest Record and it’s called Midnight.

Midnight is a neo-soul, synth pop track that manages to keep all the elegance of Devotion, combine it with the vulnerability of Tough Love while still adding some interesting elements of surprise and novelty.

Jessie claimed that after a year of producing bad music, driven by a desire to get things done quickly while she was pregnant, she decided to produce a record that had as strong a character as her inspirations, Christine and the Queens, Solange and Childish Gambino. So she took her time to tell the ups and downs of the past two years of her life. The album, which will be coming out later this year features collaborations with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Cashmere Cat, Ryan Tedder, Benny Blanco and more.

Midnight is a midtempo, nocturnal track that features a nightly chord progression and guitar line, that later develop into a beautiful piano-driven chorus where Ware goes probably higher in full voice that in any of her other songs. A choir and a sparse rhythm, together with a lovely synth at the end, complete the magic of this track. In other words, Jessie is as strong as ever and her class is untouched and pure, just like the atmosphere of Midnight, a musical mirage under the moon.

Listen to Midnight here:



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