Sabrina Claudio Returns Confident And Seductive On ‘Belong To You’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Sabrina Claudio’s journey into the music industry is one that has only recently taken off, especially with this year’s project, Confidently Lost

Since the debut project, Claudio has been teasing new music and it seems that this latest single, Belong To You, is the first taste in what we will get from the young songstress moving forward.

The Miami native has come into the game with a little bit of a niche, holding down the ‘bedroom banger’ kind of vibe perfectly, if this doesn’t want you to put on a silk shirt, what will?

Belong To You comes off the back of Unravel Me which seems to be part of a series, out likely Claudio’s next project. Whether we get more music on this side of Summer is uncertain, yet with a bunch of festival dates coming up, it is unlikely that Claudio will go away any time soon.

Check out the track below.

Credit: Sabrina Claudio


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