Vera Blue Sings For All Our ‘Lady Powers’

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Vera Blue (Celia Pavey) is an artist from Sydney, Australia. She’s supported artists on tours such as Matt Corby, Broods and even Flume for a music festival. Her newest track Lady Powers is one of many on her new album Perennial.

Lady Powers is a track that simply sends the message that we shouldn’t have to use our sexuality or change ourselves to be loved, respected or noticed by anybody. We should all be respected no matter what. It could be said that Vera Blue referred to the term ‘lady powers’ mainly because she faced disrespect herself when she found that some people expected her to use her (and women overall to use their) sexuality to be liked.

Vera Blue got her friends to chant “lady lady lady lady powers” for the song. The whole track itself has a sharp, edgy sound which is perfect to give that feeling like you’re rising above and you refuse to be disempowered by disrespect.

“I’m not gonna beg for your respect/

I won’t be defined by your eyes”

Below is a post by Vera Blue herself on what Lady Powers means to her.

Capture d’écran 2017-07-28 à 10.15.26 PM.png

The song is catchy indeed, especially the chanting. Listen to Lady Powers below:

Credit: Vera Blue


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