New Jay-Z & Kanye Documentary Gets Its First Trailer On Channel 4

Written by Rahoul Naik

Two of the biggest rappers of the 21st century, Jay-Z and Kanye West are set to have a new documentary made about their lives, their somewhat turbulent friendship, their music and much more.

With unseen footage and exclusive interviews, this programme is set to be one of the most in-depth investigations into the life of some of our biggest pop icons. With promised interviews, footage and much more; we may be in for a real treat, especially after Jay’s 4:44.

Many Jay-Z and Kanye stans will think this is a beautifully timed blessing as Jigga’s project featured a bunch of subliminal and out right calling out to not only Kanye but others too. With Kanye supposedly working on new music like Turbo Grafx 16, this documentary could be the spark and insight we all really need.

Check out the trailer below and get this down in your diary: Monday 31st on Channel 4.

Credit: Channel 4


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