Why You Have To Be At Global 12 Festival This Summer

Written by Rahoul Naik

We’re gearing up for one of the biggest highlights to Summer 2017: The Global 12 Festival. The festival is run by Shodement, who focus on the creation of the future music industry and development of artists emerging in the current space.

Since launching, the talent network has grown to over 3 million combined views around the world and it’s creative agency arm has executive on the platform that delivered campaigns for major brands including Vogue, Adidas, Universal Music, Sony Music and SBTV.

In the evening of the festival, 12 artists from around the world will be performing, or I should say, competing to become Global Artist of the Year. Frequency 21 have been fortunate enough to bring you a bio of each artist performing over the last few months.

Finally, (and thankfully) we are now ever so close to the festival itself and we thought we would give you a run down of the reasons why you need to be there.

1. The variety of music

Never have we seen a festival based in the busiest hub of our beloved country with such a diverse range of music, tastes, cultures, languages and colours. From England’s July Jones to Spain’s Scott McLain to France’s Senar and Columbia’s Angelica Lopez. If the line-up was a menu, it’d be the tastiest thing out there.

2. The venue

Shodement’s Global 12 Festival is set to be held at Cargo in Shoreditch. With it’s variety of small rooms and artistic murals all over the place, Cargo is set to be turned into an unbelievable backdrop for the festival and music. For a long time, Shoreditch has been seen as one of the creative hubs of the city and the surrounding area is beautiful with cafes and restaurants bustling for attention both inside and outside the venue.

3. The competition

At the end of the day, Global 12 is a competition with the artists performing to win the Global 12 Cup and be crowned Global Artist of the Year. The crowd (that’s you) has a great part to play in the whole show, helping to decide who should win. There will be some tension, some friendly rivalry, nation flags and lots of cheering which all builds for a fantastic atmosphere throughout the whole day.

4. All the cool kids will be there

Firstly, we wil be there. Covering everything from the festival acts to the red carpet and everything in between – if we think it’s worth covering, it is worth being there. The festival is set to be attended by a plethora of artists, industry executives and celebrities, all with a keen eye to see who will be crowned champion.

5. It is the best value-for-money festival

At under £15 for the general admission ticket, Global 12’s one-day festival becomes one of the most affordable and best valued events in the country, especially in London! It’s about the same price as a Nando’s!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be spending your last Summer’s weekend at Global 12 with us and a bunch of music fans.

You can buy the tickets here and follow Global 12 on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.



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