Shutdown Residents Put On For Their City With ‘0116 Anthem’

Written by Rahoul Naik

In this current period of time where Grime is spreading all over the world and back at home, some of the most prominent MCs from the biggest cities have been creating crews and look to rep their city in this biggest of ways; slowly taking the spotlight away from London.

Leicester’s Shutdown Residents are the latest crew to be putting their city on the Grime map and showing the talent that this city possess. Miggz, G.Tek, Skeez, Youngz, Young Boom, Fuze, Kiwi, Kay P, Ceejay, Big Biz, Stackz & C-Dash all go hard on the bouncy Grime beat, taking it in turn to talk about themselves, their crew, their city and their rightful place in Grime.

JDZMedia come through on the visuals again, making their claim to being one of the hottest Youtube channels right now, especially doing bits around the Midands area. There is even a nice tribute to Isaac Williams, the young man who died from stab wounds earlier this year. Williams was an up-and-coming boxer and rapper, going by the name of ‘Silent I’.

Shutdown Residents look to have accumulated some of the best rappers and singers in the city right now and will hopefully continue to put on for their city and showcase more new talent.

Check out the video for 0116 Anthem below.

Credit: JDZmedia



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