Kacy Hill Conquers Minimalist Alt-R&B On ‘Like A Woman’

Written by Natalie Fisher

Kacy Hill’s latest album Like A Woman is seductively artistic and approaches a different territory within popular music. The songs are electronic and ambient, likening to genres of Alternative R&B alongside Electro Pop.

The album has received criticism for bearing too much similarity to artists like Maggie Rogers, yet there is something distinctive about Kacy Hill and she is recognisable as an individual artist amongst the group of female singers who are transforming pop.

The title track Like A Woman immediately establishes the theme of femininity for the album, but Kacy Hill has not made this album as a political endeavour. She says in an interview “Like A Woman’ is an exploration of my own femininity and sexuality. I want my audience to have a similar experience of their own while listening. My goal is not to make a statement, but make space for exploration without shame or guilt. I don’t speak for all women. I speak for Kacy Hill.

Thus, the album is beautifully minimalist, lead by a vocal that shifts seamlessly between vulnerability and ballad potential. This track is a prime example of Alternative R&B, the backing track combining finger clicks and a simple piano melody. Indeed, the power of this album exists in its simplicity and the fact it does not over complicate itself.

Keep Me Sane is another powerful vocal, accompanied by a humming electronic rhythm. It follows easily from the title track, as there is no dramatic shift in style, yet each track is noticeably different in some way.

Hard To Love is perhaps more leaning towards teenage pop with its ballad-esque vocals and quicker pace. It’s a catchy tune, but in favour of Hill’s artistic vision in other tracks, this is a little lack lustre and sticks out with its escape from the electronic/R&B shift of the rest of the album.

Clarity is the track that seems to stick with me from the album, as it’s vulnerable vocal and haunting backing track is full of emotion. The 7 word chorus “Tonight I’m fine I’m clean not blind” is beautifully melancholic and whilst some may criticise this as lacking in depth, it’s powerfully minimalistic.

Overall, Kacy Hill’s work is incredibly artistic and explores new waves of pop. Having a mentor as talented as Kanye West has certainly paid off and whilst this album contains an electronic and R&B influence, Hill’s music still retains a distinctive artistic vision.

You can check out the video for Like A Woman here:

Credit: KacyHillVEVO


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