EazyMan Continues Winning In 2017 With ‘Eazy Street’ And ‘Get ‘Em’

Written by Rahoul Naik

EazyMan’s rise from the smog of gang ridden South London and leaving the life of violence, drugs and heartbreak. After many troubled years, he has a plethora of content to combine wit his passion for music. This has created the foundations for his new empire, Go Getter Music.

Go Getter has an arsenal of new artists, producers, videographers and more. This production house is set to take other talent from the street and put them in the studio, paying back to his community and creating something from nothing.

EazyMan’s work rate has been unquestionable this year, from his single releases of aptly named Work Rate and Man Like This through to his flaming Bl@ckbox freestyle, the Croydon rapper has proven stealthy determination, which is now topped with the double whammy release of both his mixtape Eazy Street and it’s lead single, Get ‘Em.

The new single showcases EazyMan’s snappy flow as he rings out warnings on the aggy beat. The video, see below, chucks out unapologetic and rowdy vibes as the tune fires up into a punchy number. As part of the twelve track collection on the mixtape, Get ‘Em, is a potent record and sits alongside the likes of Work Rate, which received rapturous reception on GRMDaily.

Garnering healthy support from the likes of Dj Target, Morgan Keyz, Toddla T and many more, EazyMan is quickly construction a strong profile for himself earning him access to a selection of find producers.

Check out the video below and follow EazyMan’s journey on Facebook.

Credit: GRM Daily


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