Bass Brothers Hype & Fever Return With Summer Scorcher ‘Riddim’

Written by Rahoul Naik

The London born, Leicester raised rapping/producing/DJing duo are not new names for our readers, both Cold Fever and Hype Hyphen have been making music for a number of years and featuring heavily on our site with tracks Bo and Tek Time. Their newest single Riddim is a summer scorcher that features shoutouts to their current and previous stomping grounds, as well as their mentors.

The most notable thing from the track is the mix of Dancehall, Bollywood and more traditional Garage and Bass which sits so perfectly in a niche they have already titled ‘Desi Reggae’. What they call the ‘Hype & Fever’ drop is the breakdown on a track which allows for both artists to have a bit of fun with sounds from their biggest influences; something Fever mentions throughout the track.

The brothers links up again with ‘Born Ready Films’ for the visuals and have a whole lot of fun doing it, from the string vests to the outdoor weightlifting to the talented dancers and Camden Lock, you start to feel like you’re really learning about the duo, from their heritage to their favourite pastimes and their ends.

It is important to remember that as Fever says, “no we ain’t got no investor / D.I.Y, no we ain’t got no investor / but still give groupies a night to remember“, the duo have worked from scratch and continue to shine a very bright light on the DIY scene with BBC Asian Network and other media outlets in London and around the UK, which has already propelled many to fame including Stormzy and Boy Better Know.

Enough of that anyway, you really need to listen to this track and play it at your next BBQ.

Credit: Hype and Fever


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