Dave’s Sexy Señorita Features On New Single ‘Tequila’

Written by Francis Barton

One of UK Rap’s brightest prodigies, Santan Dave, has turned up with his latest effort Tequila, riding on the already popular latin wave hitting our charts.

If it sounds familiar it may be because he first showcased it as his freestyle on the LA Leakers show, but has now finally re-released it as an actual song.

The track has already gained some serious fans, yet the critics are very much out of the woodwork on this one with others seeing it as a somewhat ‘pointless’ release. In terms of the visuals, Dave went for a summery setting, choosing Furst Castle in Los Angeles for his backdrop.

As for the lyrical content, it is not the most elaborate wordplay we’ve seen from Dave, but lines like “I told my baby don’t worry what hoes say [Jose] cos me and you both know you’re the special one” maintain the fact that Santan Dave is one of the best wordsmiths out there.

Since the release of the single, Dave has heavily hinted at an EP or mixtape, which will no doubt go down as one of the best of the year.

Check out the superstar visuals below.

Credit: Santan Dave


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