‘Something’s Changing’: An Album Thanks To Lucy Rose’s Inspirational Journey Throughout South America

Written by Eli Sulaiman

When I was in high school Lucy Rose (Lucy Parton) pretty much stole the hearts of every one of my friends. We were all going through a giant indie/folk phase and she was one of those artists that my friends would consider a staple to the indie genre. I disagreed because although I was super into indie back then (still kind of am), I just wasn’t into her music but now that I’m a little older and she’s given us something new to listen to, I’m giving her another chance. Lucy Rose, Something’s definitely Changing.

Lucy Rose is a singer from Warwickshire, England and she’s done something very spontaneous. Her newest album, Something’s Changing, was inspired by her trip to South America where she played shows wherever she could and crashed with fans who were willing to give her a place to crash. Fun fact: The album is actually also accompanied with a documentary which Lucy Rose filmed whilst on her trip to South America, and there is a screening of it for her current Worldwide Cinema Tour 2017. Stay tuned towards the end for more details on her tour!

Onto the album, Something’s Changing has a relaxed energy to it. The sound is very down-to-earth, genuine, it’s easy to listen –pretty much everything that Lucy Rose’s music is expected to embody.

The album starts with Intro, which opens with a harp-like instrument that gently twinkles on its own and then behind her vocals. One of the next stellar tracks on the album is Floral Dresses featuring The Staves. It’s calm, gentle strums of guitar puts Rose’s vocals to our focus like the rest of her album. When Rose wrote Floral Dresses she said, “it reminded me about who I was, and I always think that some of the best songs are the ones which can stand on their own with just one instrument. The message is pretty clear and I hope other people will find comfort in it, and realize they are different but also the same as many people.”

The rest of her album honestly does sound like variations of the same song, but what gets me slightly hooked are her thoughtful and well-written lyrics and soothing voice. For example, the title of one of her songs is Moirai which was named after the Greek god of fate and it’s centered around the injustice of lost love, and being somewhere in the wrong time and letting “the one” get away. Also the first line to her song Intro is “It’s just a song, but without it would I’ve told you this? I’m crazy without you, I’m crazy with you” –very, very smart line Lucy.

For someone who’s been so inspired by her trip to South America, there isn’t a shred of Latino flair to her songs but I wouldn’t take that as a bad or good thing. What’s very clear that the trip has inspired her to create and it gave her the confidence she needed to carry on her career forward. It’s given her the confidence to create music how she wants to, keeping it very true to herself.

Check out Lucy Rose’s upcoming tour dates below!:

Credit: www.lucyrosemusic.com

If you haven’t yet, make a cup of tea for yourself and listen to Something’s Changing right here:

Credit: Lucy Rose


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