Garren Sean’s New Single Is Pure Alt-R&B Heaven

Written by Rahoul Naik

Many of you may not already know the name Garren Sean, yet the young producer has already racked up various production credits across a strong array of genres and even flirted with the Grammys on many occasions.

Built up on a healthy diet of Soul and R&B which was later supplemented with 80’s Funk and Rock, Sean’s take on music in 2017 is certainly alternative but it’s just as funky and catchy as you’d expect.

His latest effort, All U Need, quite perfectly shows off his eclectic yet precise set of skills which takes this song from a hazy guitar riff to a new age electro-soul masterpiece. Speaking on the track to Pigeons and Planes, Sean said that “I started the initial idea in the middle of the night in Malibu while doing sessions as a producer. I would take advantage of the equipment after everyone went to bed. As soon as I played the melody on the baritone guitar I knew it had the juice. So the whole rough outline of the song came together within that night at like 5am, but then I spent a whole day after I got back to Oakland adding layers and polishing it to what it is now.

Alongside the new single which follows There She Go and Lift Off, Sean also announced the release date of his debut album GARREN, LP (28th July).

Whilst we wait for the producer’s upcoming album, check out the new single below.

Credit: Garren Sean


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