Brighton’s Orange Soul Drop Eerie Single ‘The Haze’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Orange Soul have released their third ever track, The Haze, which comes off the back of   A Thousand Times, which helped them get recognition in their city of Brighton and on BBC Introducing.

Despite their youth, the brothers have developed an intriguing, mature sound, which blends 1970s soulfulness with eerie vocal harmonies. Critics praised both the “haunting, ghostly nature” and the “undeniable charm” of their self-titled debut EP , which has also received support from BBC Introducing.

The new single carries these eerie sounds mixed with beautifully put together vocal harmonies that show both members are really involved in every part of the creative process. The song also allows for some easy-listening, especially for those who may not always dabble in folk/acoustic pop but do like the sounds of Bon Iver or Francis and the Lights.

Their new single is about John’s experience going in and out of hospital whilst undergoing a gruelling tonsillectomy, a rather uncomfortable and drug-fuelled experience some of us may be able to relate with.

Check out the track below and you can find Orange Soul on Facebook and Soundcloud.




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