Mahalia’s New ‘Sober’ Will Hit You In The Teenage Feels

Written by Dorica Santos

19-year-old, Mahalia, most recent release, Sober, captures the experiences of going through a breakup: alcohol, emotions and of course, realising it was all bullshit.

Despite the difficulty of moving on from a break up the Leicester-born ssnger-writer/singstress clearly accepts it: “you and I are over, me and you are done,” don’t worry girl, I feel you. The track brings Erykah Badu, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Angie Stone and maybe a little of Jill Scott vibes. The fusion of the boom-bap beat produced by Maths Time Joy and Mahalia’s sleeky and soothing voice makes you want to chill in your PJs with wine, cookies and your dog snuggled up next to you … basically, what I did.

Indeed, the track is different from tracks in her Dairy Of Me EP, which are more acoustic and raw. However, Mahalia sticks to her guitar roots with the sleeky solo that fades out the song. Sure, it is new and different, but I love the R&B/Soul flavour of Sober, that is what break-ups do right? They make you a better and stronger individual.

To top off it off, Mahalia has also announced tour dates including shows in London and her hometown Leicester. I was lucky enough to witness Mahalia live back in February in Glasgow and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Tickets are now available and if you aren’t convinced enough, check out Sober below.

Credit Mahalia



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