Joey Badass Keeps It Short And Simple On Surprise ‘Love Is Only A Feeling’

Written by Dorica Santos

With the help of one of Hip-Hop’s finest producers, Statik Selektah, Joey Bada$$ has released an impressive and satisfying track, Love Is Only A Feeling, describing how his lover makes him feel. Admittedly, I am not his biggest fan, however, unlike most modern artists, Joey has not sexualised love and woman, instead he has captured the beauty and essence of the two.

As a person who likes to vibe, I was attracted to the swaying and chilled instrumental yet fell in love when Joey rapped his first line: “Look, I love her curves but whats more preferred/ Is the way she articulates words.” In other words, he acknowledges the way she looks and even better, her intelligence, something every woman loves her hear. The combination of Joey’s lyrics and Selektah’s production creates a beautiful and soothing song, which is completed by a hook that samples Homeshake’s Love Is Only A Feeling.

Joey evidently has taken a break from his typical up-beat songs with this short, sweet and simple gift that perfectly captures how love can make you feel. He isn’t the only artist who has done this: J Cole’s with De Ja Vu and Kendrick Lamar’s LOVE. Personally, rappers to take note and make less “ass and titty” tracks, it makes us female listeners feel more valuable and sends a better message to all lovers.

Check out the track below.

Credit: PRO ERA


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