Ghostpoet Releases Dark And Dystopian ‘Freakshow’ From Upcoming Project

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Doom-pop at it’s finest. Dark, brooding, and awaiting on the apocalypse, Ghostpoet has returned with the gritty and captivating Freakshow, a taste of his upcoming record out August 18, Dark Days & Canapés, which will be the follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed Shedding Skin.

Freakshow is a “commentary on modern consumerism”, explains Ghostpoet, aka Obaro Ejimiwe, basing itself in a melancholy, downtempo melodicism that sounds raw and garage-esque, finished off by Ghostpoet’s own gruff, somewhat spoken-word, vocals. The video itself depicts common dystopian tropes; air too sour to breathe, food that makes soylent green look appetising, and the recreational use of drugs to take the edge of this dying world. Sounds almost familiar, don’t you think?

“It sums up my general sense of unease in the way we buy our emotions these days, and the unstoppable cash-driven churn we seem to be caught up in as a society.” states Ghostpoet on the track, which is the second in a ‘dystopian series’, including the first release from the upcoming project, Immigrant Boogie,

Ghostpoet will be heading out on tour this autumn, and more information can be found here.

Check out the chilling video for Freakshow here.

Credit: GhostpoetVEVO


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