‘Pumping Up Clouds’ With Urban Cone

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Urban Cone is back with another bop! The Swedish Electro/Pop-Indie band from Stockholm brings us their new single Pumping Up Clouds and I can guarantee you that it’ll keep you energized through the summer.

Pumping Up Clouds has a gleeful, high-spirited sound similar to their previous single Old School. What’s also similar are their lyrics which revolve around a young romance. Pumping Up Clouds is about two lovers coming together again to just simply relive and remember the fun memories they had while putting the negative intervals aside completely:

“Let’s move into our old house. / Love me this time / We’ll be grooving to the old sounds / Pumping up clouds / Kiss me like the first time / Dancing like we’re young / Let’s move into our old house / Pumping up clouds / I know we can get it right”

Urban Cone had just finished their tour around the US with their label mates Nightly and they finished it off with an appearance at the Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival.

Don’t be sleeping on Urban Cone! Check out Pumping Up Clouds below:

Credit: UrbanConeVEVO


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