Tyler, The Creator Has Us Asking ‘Who Dat Boy’ With Two New Releases

Written by Kelsey Raynor

Kicking things off on Twitter last week with a honeybee who had information to share, Tyler, The Creator sent his fans into meltdown as they attempted to figure out what this honeybee’s countdown could possibly entail.

To some fans disappointment, Tyler wasn’t announcing that his UK ban had been lifted, however he did display that his dark genius has been at work, as if working on staging his own festivals, maintaining his brand and starting a show with Viceland wasn’t enough. With the release of two new tracks and a gory video, the Odd Future founder made a strong return into the musical realm.

Whilst fans had thought they’d seen nearly everything with Tyler, from eating a cockroach to becoming a coke-sniffing centaur, he left no room for his fans to feel any disappointment with allowing A$AP Rocky (also known as Dr, A$AP Rocky for the purposes of this video) to perform a face transplant on himself after an experiment gone wrong, during the visuals for Who Dat Boy.

With a new found musical-bond between the pair, they trade bars with each other throughout the track and they  go in hard.

Alongside the hard-hitting track, Tyler released the much calmer sound of 911 / Mr Lonely which was created with the help of Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy and Anna of the North and appears to take an in-depth and serene look at the challenges of insecurity and loneliness.

Check out ‘Who Dat Boy’ here:

Credit: Tyler, The Creator


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