Glasgow’s The Trend Drop ‘Out Of Love’ For The Masses

Written by Rahoul Naik

The Trend are a four-piece rock band hailing from Glasgow and they’re a band on a mission to teach, shout and reinvent our frustrations into their music.

Their latest single, Out Of Love, was shot by NME Photography Award winner Arpad Horvarth. The track itself was written on the day following the Brexit results last year, created as a means of charting Britain’s growing resentment and distrust of mainstream media and politicians.

The track will form part of the band’s next EP, Show Me The Light, which is yet to have a full release date but we can expect it sometime in August for sure.

It is fair to say that the effort of The Trend is a real testament to the thriving music scene in Glasgow and the cultural hotbed that it has become for creatives of all kinds from rock bands to hip-hop artists and even budding architects.

The Trend are here making a stand for them and their people and we could not be more happy they are bringing it live and direct to us.

Check out the video for Out Of Love below.

Credit: Trend Glasgow


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