Dan Caplen Recruits Ray BLK For Sing-A-Long Anthem ‘Flat Champagne’

Written by Rahoul Naik

London’s Dan Caplen has dropped his latest single, Flat Champagne, alongside BBC Sound Of 2017 winner Ray BLK.

Caplen possesses a talent for yearning, confessional lyrics wrapped within a blend of neo-soul and R&B influences,  all delivered with the gravelly blues tones of an artist twice his age.

Born Daniel Caplen to a mother from the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent and an English father, Caplen’s sound is equally as inspired by the leftfield pop nous of James Blake and SBTRKT as it is by John Legend’s emotionally honest R&B.

Asked to name his favourite current artists, Caplen picks J. Cole, Chance The Rapper and especially Gregory Porter as people that he finds particularly compelling. As a result, Caplen’’s compositions spin away from tracks that can be easily pigeonholed within a single genre.

On his latest effort, we’re faced with Caplen’s soft yet earnest R&B vocals over the top of what can only really be described as an up-tempo soul beat filled with keys, synths, drums, claps and everything else a real sing-a-long anthem requires.

BLK’s addition only makes this track seem more authentic and full of London vibes, we wouldn’t be surprised if the video for this track just featured to two artists prancing around the streets of London in the beautiful sun.

Flat Champagne, comes off the back of Blinded By The Lights and the Badman EP from 2016 which even had a cheeky feature with Jay Prince.

We are unsure if Caplen is warming up for another EP, perhaps after the summer months but in the meantime you can listen to the new single below.

Credit: Dan Caplen


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