Action Bronson Drops Incredible Video For ‘Let me Breathe’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

“This joint’ll have people fucking shaking their fucking asses, breaking their fucking head, crashing their car into Boston Market. Straight up running into Chinese food restaurants, naked going crazy,” promised the New York-born rapper Action Bronson about the music video for his single, Let Me Breathe, and he was definitely telling the truth. Well, some sort of truth.

The track itself comes from his upcoming album, Blue Chips 7000, his latest project since 2015’s Mr. Wonderful. It’s a pretty groovy number, which in true Bronson style, draws heavily on old school rapping styles, areas Wu-Tang and Kool G Rap touched, but very much a contemporary take on it. It’s upbeat, and has a killer melody.

The video itself is much more surreal than the track suggests. It’s simultaneously music video, and behind-the-scenes exposé of the video’s creation, which is definitely mockumentary in style. It’s pretty hilarious, focusing on the cast’s views on Bronson, their relationships with each other, and how the video was crafted itself. One YouTube commentor writes “Students in film school will be studying this video 100 years from now”. Totally worth a watch.

You can check out the new video for Let Me Breathe below.

Credit: Action Bronson


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