Skepta Takes Over The World And Returns With ‘Hypocrisy’

Written by Rahoul Naik

5 years ago, Skepta was a name that was known throughout the Grime scene in London and throughout the UK but by 2016, Joseph Junior Adenuga’s music reached a new crowd, a co-sign from Drake and a slew of top hits took Skepta from the underground to the mainstream.

Upon the release of the long-awaited Konnichiwa which really put on all of Skepta’s talent, friends, family, vibe and scee; the Skepta bug was caught by everybody and their aunty. From Scarborough to Slough we saw videos of people rapping along to tracks like That’s Not Me and It Ain’t Safe, something that could not have been imagined all those years ago when Skepta was clashing Devilman.

Winning the Mercury Prize, being recognised by some of the industries biggest academies and organisations, people were ready to ask ‘what next’ for Skepta.

He has recently launched his label ‘MAINS’ which will be selling exclusively at Selfridges, and is the artist’s first real foray into the fashion world. MAINS seems like a natural move for Skepta as he has been vocal about his interest in fashion and has always been fresh at ever event we’ve seen him.

Alongside this, Boy Better Know will be taking over the London 02 later this summer with some of the biggest acts in Grime and Hip-Hop playing across the venue over the event. This is by far one of the biggest events for the collective and will cement their position in history.

The new single, Hypocrisy, is a message to us about Skepta’s fame and love and how he is “shitting and pissing on this hypocrisy” and not changing a single thing about his lifestyle with the new money and fame.

Check out the track below.


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