Irish Trio Hare Squaed Bring Sunny R&B Vibes On ‘Flowers’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Ever since we discovered the young Irish trio back in 2016, Hare Squead have gone from strength to strength, showing us every single facet of their sound and style which seems to blend and cross over R&B and Hip-Hop both in a dark and light way which fits perfectly into today’s scene.

Their latest effort, Flowers, is a beautifully put together R&B track that flows around a rather strong and prominent piano and light bass and snare. Jessy Rose, the main vocalist, takes his time to wind a path around the beat to set the tone of the track before Tony Konstone and Lilo Blues just in to take it over the edge, make it their own production. The flow of all three of the artists are different in every way shape and form yet at the same time their different takes on any beat makes them as eclectic as they are harmonious, something many have struggled to do.

We are still waiting for a full project from the trio but with their signing with Sony and touring with Goldlink has most definitely brought their sound to a wider audience and we hope that it only helps them achieve bigger things later in the year.

The trio have also confirmed their headline show in London at Birthdays towards the end of July. Check out their Facebook page for more information on that.

In the meantime, check out Flowers below


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