Anna Of The North Produce 80’s Euphoria On New Track ‘Someone’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

The Norwegian/Kiwi duo Anna Of The North have released a new single, Someone, which comes as a teaser for their upcoming debut album, Lovers, which will be out on September 8th.

Someone is quintessential synth-pop at it’s finest; cool, sleek, sweet, with a distinctly 80’s sound running through the whole piece, granting the listener a pretty euphoric high. It’s a song about accepting flaws and regrets, with vocalist Anna Lotterud singing ‘I’m only human baby, sometimes act a little crazy’ in the upbeat and danceable chorus. On the song, the band stated “We think almost everyone has woken up after a big night, instantly regretting something that happened. It’s about how easy it is to break your promises when you’ve had a couple of drinks. Going deeper, the song is about accepting that you’re only human and to learn how to forgive yourself for your own mistakes and accepting that sometimes we need someone to save us from repeating any old habits.”

Recently, Lotterud contributed vocals to the track 911/ Mr. Lonely?, which saw Tyler, The Creator collaborate with Frank Ocean.

You can listen to Anna Of The North’s Someone below.

Credit: Anna Of The North


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