Our Top 4 UK Rap Producers Right Now

Written by Edward Burrell

Producers in general don’t seem to get enough credit and UK producers so far, this year have been on fire. There are certain producers who can create gold when working with the right artists, resulting in the tracks that you’ve been hearing. So, this is a list of the producers that have been responsible for the most successful UK rap this year. It not necessarily in a particular order, as each of them deserves praise for different reasons.


Somewhat undervalued, Jae5 can be described as the catalyst to J Hus’ rise to fame. The synergy between the two of them is insane, working together many times over the last few years. More recently, Jae5 worked on many songs from J Hus’ debut album Common Sense which truly showed how diverse he is a producer. But his masterpiece his year was Did You See, giving us one of the catchiest melodies this year in the UK rap scene. He’s clearly capable of producing more hype tunes, referring back to Playing Sports as well the slower tempo ones, such as this one. J Hus’ mixtape 15th Day was also the work of Jae5, which gives you an idea of how long the two have been working together. Jae5 is the wizard and I’m pretty sure he’s responsible for creating what we now call afro-bashment.

Credit: JHusVEVO

Carns Hill

The UK drill rap extraordinaire, Carns Hill, will be known to anyone who is fan of 67 but his work stretches across the genre. He’s been linked with Blade Brown, Youngs Teflon as well as Reeko Squeeze and for good reason. Carns Hill delivers gritty 808 drill beats unlike no other to the point where his sound is instantly identifiable.  However, he’s shown that’s not all he can do with the 808’s and high hats, with Reeko Squeeze’s Stereotype producing something calmer, rather than the darker harsh drill beats he’s made for 67.

Credit: SBTV: Music

Steel Banglez and Sevaqk

I feel the two of them should be mentioned together due to how tight they are. The two of them are affiliated with MIST and MoStack producing some absolute bangers. Karla’s Back, Hot Property, “Money”, all three of those titles were down to Steel Banglez alone. What amazes me about the both of them is their work rate. They release a YouTube video of the four of them making a banger in 30 minutes.

Credit: Link Up TV | Music

They specialise in UK rap tunes that get you hyped. The hype levels are always set incredibly high with Screw And Brew being a huge hit with the two of them working alongside Zeph Ellis. With Sevaqk producing The Friend from Mostack’s album, the two of them have a had a lot of experience in the scene, even showing off on twitter producing tunes for 67 and Skrapz.


This individual seems to have creeped up on yet again via Mo Stack. He appears to be the UK rap scene’s ‘Jammer’, as he can pluck talented producers out of thin air. On his latest album, iLL BLU is responsible for Explore Ya and I Like It but personally those aren’t the tunes that make him great. Block Popping and Ussy Ussy showsthe two types of beats he appears to be producing.

Credit: MoStack


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