Our Favourite Grime Producers Right Now

Written by Edward Burrell

Grime works differently (to UK Rap)  in the sense that a lot of producers make bootlegs, remixes or just instrumentals and don’t necessarily make beats in order get an artist on it for a tune. For this list, I wanted to focus on producers responsible for the tunes you’ve been hearing, although there are many talented producers that will be missed out as a result.

Sir Spyro

In the words of Grim Sickers “Sir Spyro is the GOAT right now”. If there as a king of producers in grime right now it would be Sir Spyro, who is too good at making reload tunes. When you hear the drop and make that face like you’ve just swallowed toxic waste, you can’t help but put a gun finger in the air. That’s what Sir Spyro makes you do with every song. Working with Capo Lee as of recently, his discography is huge, with Topper Top still getting radio play. The Stop Talk EP with Capo Lee is his most recent project and that speaks volumes to how much of a wizard this man is.

Credit: DEEP MEDi


Banger After Banger was such a masterpiece, he probably deserved to be on this list for that alone. He has just released an instrumental EP entitled Monsters which when Rudekid is concerned usually turns into tunes. The 653 EP shows how fast the man can work and Peng Tings proves he’s truly diverse and the Rude Kid sound isn’t restricted to hype tunes. Like Spyro, he has a long list of tunes that he’s been responsible over the years but what is to be noted is that they both are radio show hosts. That could be the source of their idea what producing the tracks that he makes.

Credit: Complex

Lewi B

Over the course of this year he’s been working with Manga from roll deep a lot result in an album entitled Outbursts From The Outskirts. I’ve done a song review of one the tracks from it which is the all-star line up Slew with Jamakabi and P Money. Being a young talent producing instrumentals for his own EP releases, it’s interesting to see what he can do producing a track. Lewi B clearly likes the Eskimo sound be he makes it his own and does so many different things with it, to the point where it’s not eski anymore. Outsiderism is completely different to Young, it’s hard to recognise it as the same producer. It is more his creativeness that gives him his respect as a producer rather than his ability to produce a certain type of tune.

Credit: SBTV: Music


The Midlands gold mine that is appearing now seems to be led by Massappeals, surprisingly, his origins are not grime at all. He used to be a trap producer who’s spanned across so many different artists including Iggy Azelea. Despite that, he’s taken his old trap sound and applies to higher BPMs producing bangers for midlands MCs such as Mez, Snowy and Kamikaze. For me his talent in Grime came through with the Pull Up RMX, which you can hear the trap influences on a grime track. But with Year Of The Kamdog, it wasn’t just declaring it was going to be a good year for Kamakaze, it would be the same for Massappeals.

Credit: SBTV: Music


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