3 Minutes To Midnight Drop Funk-Infused New Single ‘High Windows’

Written by Rahoul Naik

One of Lancaster’s newest yet ever-so talented bands, 3 Minutes To Midnight, have released their newest single High Windows and it really encapsulates everything the band is and stands for. On first listen, it may just seem like any old indie alt-rock band song, yet from Parks vocals to Leigh’s bass riffing and some of Stutt’s intricate and infectious drumming; the band have created something that will have you head bobbing and tapping your foot.

The boys describe themselves as an ‘alternative rock band throwing out funky vibes’ which we think, is almost enough to gain the attention of anybody who is looking for something a bit different, a bit left-field and a bit catchy.

The track was recorded at Shirehead Studios in Lancashire, the county in which all three members study and have shot to fame after winning Lancaster University’s Battle Of The Bands competition and fighting off strong opposition to earn the chance to record some good music.

Speaking to lead vocalist, Jonathan Parks, he said that “the original idea for High Windows came about late last year. I remember coming back from a night out and plugging in my guitar, literally the first chord I played spelled out the rest of the song in my head.”

There’s definitely some U2 vibes in the song, I think of it as a big piece of music with a lot of space and air. For me the music captures a feeling of progression, change, wanting to better yourself. Recording at Shireshead Studios was intense with only 4 hours to get the song down, but I think that made us focus on the track more. We’re really pleased with the results and see it as the first step towards an EP with some other songs we’re working on. Hope y’all enjoy it!

This is just the band’s first single and with the reception it has already received, we are expecting them to slowly but surely start expanding their fanbase and musical excellence over the course of 2017.

Check out the track below and be sure to keep up to date with the band on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Credit: 3 Minutes to Midnight





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