‘Another World Is Possible’: Jeremy Corbyn Gives Rousing Speech At Glastonbury

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Blue shirt, white trousers, brown loafers. Photographers. Screams from the crowd. A bright ‘Glastonbury’ lighting up the back of the stage. A smaller ‘Run The Jewels’ adorning the set up of the much beloved and much political two-piece rap group. To this backdrop, Jeremy Corbyn stole the show at Glastonbury.

Introduced by the festival’s founder and organiser Michael Eavis, Corbyn walked on stage to give an incredibly heartfelt and rousing speech to thousands of festival-goers. Tackling issues such as racism, climate change, wealth disparity, homophobia, and sexism amongst others, Corbyn quite arguably showed his passion and vision, claiming, ‘Another world is possible’. Twitter users argued that Corbyn’s appearance drew easily one of the biggest crowds, big enough to apparently rival the likes of The Rolling Stones or Oasis.

You can watch the full speech here. You should, it’s bangin’.

Credit: ComradeMikey

He then went on to pull a few pints, because he’s simply a topnotch bloke. Beers for the many, not the few.


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