Tyler, The Creator Teases Possible New Release

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Tyler, The Creator has taken to Twitter to tease at a possible new release coming in 5 days.

On June 22nd, the rapper tweeted a picture featuring a bumblebee saying “seven days boy!”. Yesterday, a similar picture was tweeted, with again, a bumblebee talking, this time stating “6 days dude”.

He recently denied making a mysterious website, ScumFuckFlowerBoy.com, which featured a countdown clock, a space for entering a password to enter the site, and the words May 2017. Tyler’s last music, Cherry Bomb, was released in 2015, so it’s definitely about time he gave his fans something new.

The rapper has also cancelled a number of upcoming European shows, with a tweet of his reading “no more europe tour, sorry, next time.”

With much speculation combined with Tyler’s erratic persona, there is little chance to correctly guess what will be dropped in 5 days, but we’re excited.


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