Anomalie Dazzles With New EP ‘Métropole’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Jazz. Electronics. Hip hop. A fusion of sounds is what you’ll find in Anomalie’s new EP Métropole. Imagine Vangelis meets Thundercat meets Vulfpeck. It’s seriously fun.

Anomalie, real name Nicolas Dupuis, is a 22-year old from Montreal, who from a young age was immersed in both classical and jazz piano, becoming incredibly skilled at tinkling the ivories in the process. After connecting with Lowtemp Recordings, an independent label founded by Gramatik, he has released his first EP. Simply put, Anomalie’s music is dance music with a twist.

Métropole is a glorious mixture of both classical and experimental jazz, funk, hip hop, and electronica. This may sound pretty intense, but Anomalie’s skill as a musician pulls it off miraculously. Listening to the EP, which begins with the downbeat and sweet Ouverture (very classical), we are introduced to the jazz-inspired riffs of the chilled r & b-esque Daybreak, which in turn gives rise to the heavily-funky and danceable New Space.

Credit: Anomolie

A standout track from the EP is Le Bleury, which goes from Addams Family-esque piano notes, to a deep and funky bass instrumentation, to which Anomalie then dazzles over with his expert keyboard abilities. It’s an incredibly sound, one that really captivates. You won’t be able to stop your hips from swaying or your head from bopping. Definitely a favourite for any live gig of his.

Credit: SpectrasonicsVIDEO

In eight tracks Anomalie sets himself up as a true artist, saying more than most have done with eight albums. It’s pure and it’s fun and it’s funky, contemporary jazz mixing with lo-fi hip hop progressions and rhythms, effortlessly blended. Anomalie himself gives off the air of assuredness, he knows what he has come here to do, and is doing it successfully. Métropole is a grandiose effort, stylised by the simultaneous relaxed nature of the EP coupled with the intense and complex syncopation of melody and time. Absolute magic to listen to.

You can find more of Anomalie’s music on his SoundCloud.


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