John Dylan Gives Hint Of New Album With ‘Get Beyond’

Written by Kelsey Raynor

A multi-instrumentalist gone solo who is comparable to the likes of Nirvana and Tame Impala, John Dylan can be considered to be the complete musician. Raised around music from the day he was born, John Dylan has musical talent running through his veins and spilling from his soul.

Having previously played for the genre-defying band Terenne, who worked with the producer of The Shins and Fleet Foxes, John has got reputable experience within the industry and is prepared to now launch his solo career with Get Beyond.

Get Beyond is taken from his upcoming album Peripheral Drift Illusion. The artwork for thus album is being created by John Lennon’s bandmate, Klaus Voormann, who also designed the cover for the Beatles’ classic record, Revolver.

Clearly inspired by the likes of The Beatles, John’ latest single Get Beyond reminisces their style with its spacey, effects-laden sound that takes listeners on a sonic odyssey that seems to explore almost every genre and style along its journey.

To restrict John Dylan’s style to a singular genre would be an impossible task that would not nearly give John’s sound the credit and recognition that it deserves. With his entire life revolving around music, John has formed some unique standpoints within his work. However, he refuses to let this confine his creativity or limit his music and always ensures that whatever he produces can go beyond that of other ‘rock’ artists.

Watch the video for ‘Get Beyond’ here:

Credit: John Dylan


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