Jake Bugg To Be One Of 10 Shirt Sponsors For Notts County

Written by Travis Martin

Jake Bugg is a Nottingham born and red singer/songwriter who at the ripe age of 23 boasts three Top 5 albums and will now combine his love for music and passion together.

During the month of November Jake Bugg will be sponsored on the home and away kits. He is one of several new companies who have opted to sign a month-deal. It is reported to cost a pricey sum of £15,000 for those sponsoring. You will see Notts County play Coventry with Jake Buggs dazzling sponsor.

Bugg has strengthened his connections with the club after playing at Meadow Lane back in 2015 for a charity game; something of a dream for him as a young kid.

Alongside these extracurriculars, Bugg has been busking around London with Tinie Tempah to promote their new single Find Me. Check the video below to see them playing at Oxford Circus.


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