Young Yizzy Puts His Stamp On The Grime Scene With SBTV Premiere ‘Steppin’

Written by Edward Burrell

With many recent appearances on Radar Radio, Rinse Fm and Westside Radio, Young Yizzy has become recognized as a force to reckoned with. His first music video to be posted on SBTV will encourage you to keep an eye on him the future.

It seems Steppin is setting the standard for what the rest of his future will be like, and if they stay like this, we should be more than entertained. His skippy flow that he sports not only on this track, but also on his radio appearances, are what we call “SHOWERDOWN BARS”. The word play is brilliant and bold, he’s clearly confident even having a trademark reload bar so early in his career.

“I could never miss the drop and let the ting breathe”

His references on the track are based off other MCs that he looks up to. As a result the tune describes the type of MC he wants to be by referring to greats such as President T or Crazy Titch. This shows he has a lot of potential, he’s not looking to milk the scene for its fame and fortune, he’s clearly here for the long haul.

Credit: SBTV: Music


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