Rewind: You Really Need To Make Acquaintance With Jase Harley

Written by Rahoul Naik

What do you get when you take a classically trained pianist and graphic artist and raise him with a passion for hip-hop? Jase Harley, a New Jersey native and freelance multimedia creator who’s music has garnered over 12 million streams worldwide.

While he grew up on hip-hop, he’s greatly influenced by older soul, jazz, and blues music, and cites film composers Hans Zimmer and Ryuichi Sakamoto as some of his favorite musicians.

Harley’s latest song, Between The Lines, is a bouncy number that brings to mind comparisons such as J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott. Between Harley’s flow, melodies and lyrics; Between The Lines is a real love song for the modern age.

While loosely inspired by the film Flashdance, the Between The Lines video ultimately tells the story of two young artists: Jase, a musician, and Olivia L. Burgess, a dancer, who are in a toxic relationship and working to get by.

It’s an honest and intimate portrait of the life of two young urban creatives. Filmed in Hoboken and directed by Ryan Metcalf, it’s an incredibly well-shot and cinematic window into the lives of the two individuals, rather than a performance at the camera.

Jase dropped his debut project, Free Pxrn: the Memoir Of An American Heathen, in 2016 and has continues to work on music and art for the past year. His album was very well received and if this is any indication of what he is capable of, we are looking forward to some more new music from the New Jersey crooner.

Check out the brilliant video below.

Credit: Jase Harley



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