Nilüfer Yanya’s ‘Plant Feed’ EP Is An Indie-Soul Masterclass

Written by Rahoul Naik

The genre of ‘Indie-Soul’ is not one that is massively represented in our charts or even on our website, yet, Nilüfer Yanya’s perfect chemical mix of soul, R&B and indie flavours brings about a potent formula for strong messages and even stronger grooves.

First catching our attention with The Florist, earlier this year and we now have a short 3-track EP which acts as a strong and thoroughly interesting view into the 22-year-old’s mind and creativity.

Plant Feed boasts two more tracks, the newest of which comes in the form of Sliding Doors. Yanya’s powerful songwriting and matching lyrics prove she is more than your average 22-year-old. With lyrics like “I get you high / You got me stoned / Your lovers do this / I’ll never leave this one alone,” you can sense an air of vulnerability in Yanya’s voice which comes as a little bit of a surprise as she’s hella confident on other tracks; but perhaps this shows versatility more than anything.

Alongside her artistic work, Yanya is also a big philanthropist and started an initiative, ‘Artists In Transit’ with her sister. The organisation helps refugees in Athens and also puts on art and music classes. They even created a zine, ‘My Friend’; we wanted to create a zine that has their stamp on it and their voice, not other people’s words,” she says. “People don’t know how to connect with refugees – they think they’re different from other people, but really they’re just like everyone else”, Yanya expressed whilst talking to The Guardian.

You really need to check out Yanya’s new work, especially Sliding Doors, that you can find below.

Credit: Waterfront Audio

Photo Credit: Stella Malfilatre


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