Mothica Releases Sophomore EP ‘Heavy Heart’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Are you a fan of dark pop? Well Mothica has got something for you.

The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter (real name McKenzie Ellis) has just released her sophomore EP, Heavy Heart, a sultry and sweet piece of synth-pop, which was first teased by single releases earlier in the the year, Sometimes, and Self-Destructive.

Credit: CloudKid

Heavy Heart is a six-part series of emotionality; somber and thought-provoking, while retaining a light and sweet pop sensibility. The tracks are contemporary ballads, concerned with intrinsic personal turmoil and heartache. The EP opens with the title track Heavy Heart, which is a scintillating piece of songcraft, upbeat in terms of tempo and melody, and from there the EP goes from strength to strength, with the second track, Self-Destructive, being one of the standout pieces, having an incredibly catchy choral melody. The third track Fall, is also one to listen out for, displays a very intricate and technical use of percussion to underscore the concussive and undulating synth frequencies Mothica produces.

Mark My Words, the penultimate song of the project, is deep, rich, and full of swagger. ‘This conversation means nothing to me’ sings Mothica, as brass-esque chords that give the song a big-band aesthetic pound out the songs’ daring and ‘in-your-face’ vibe.

Credit: Mothica

Heavy Heart is a very fun project. It thoroughly grounds itself in a dark pop sound, for which Mothica has created her own very unique sound within that realm, characterised by her complex layering of sounds in each track, topped off by the addition of her own impassioned vocals, for which the lyrics outshine any mainstream pop act of today.

For fans of artists such as Astronomyy, Zola Blood, Seraphina, Tei Shi, and The Japanese House, Mothica’s Heavy Heart proves that she is an artist worthy of looking out for.



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