SG Lewis Returns With Toulouse For ‘Times We Had’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Funky music producer SG Lewis has returned to the musical foray with his new single, Times We Had, alongside the soulful vocals of Toulouse.

SG dropped his first EP back in 2015 and ever since his popularity and demand has increased exponentially. His ability to mix electronic styles with good soulful beats holds a very niche sweet spot on the charts and in our hearts.

The Reading native dropped his last project, Yours, in 2016 which featured the likes of Gallant and Bishop Nehru which already shows the versatility that this young producer has with his music styles.

These tracks had helped tide SG over into 2017, alongside various production features alongside the likes of RAY BLK and several top performing remixes of the likes of London Grammar, Flume and Disclosure.

SG has also teamed up with Alex Lewis to launch their newest musical venture, Lemon Records. The small and new label have already signed three artists including James Vickery and Miller Blue who we are massive fans of. We’re hoping to see these guys collaborate together in an official capacity soon.

We’re hoping that the new synth-heavy single will be part of a bigger project from SG, as we still wait for an over-due full-length project.

Check out the track below.

Credit: La Belle Musique



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