Ethan Breakaway Brings a Piece Of Sunshine With Rhythmic Single ‘Better’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Ethan Breakaway’s new singe, Better, is a perfect electro-R&B mix for late summer evenings.

Co-written and produced with his musical dyad Jay Abdul, Ethan Breakaway’s rhythmic debut single Better enfolds an euphony audio contradiction with their almost nostalgic yet fresh charm of R&B crossover pop. It’s catchy, simple melodies glide over the top of the glittery production with lethargic delivery with Ethan’s vocals. This then comes to a dreamy watershed moment in the middle 8 of which the song honours its nostalgia appeal with wistful chords and Ethan’s free, unrestrained vocals.

The focal lyric “No one does it better than you” recurs significantly throughout, which Ethan describes as his frustration with simplicity. “From where Jay played that riff on a very earlier stage of the production I knew where we should take it. The song represents the simply emotional state of knowing whatever shit happens, your partner should always know that no one does it better than them.

It’s a reassuring and sensual slice of R&B-pop that marks big things ahead for this returning crooner.

Check out the track below


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