Multi-Instrumentalist Harlequiin Releases New Track ‘Clock That’s Stopped’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Multi-instrumentalist. Composer. Producer. Rory Simmons, also known as Harlequiin, is a talented chap, and he has just released a new track, Clock That’s Stopped.

For those that don’t know, Harlequiin, is a bit of a shadow figure, who has worked with an incredibly extensive list of artists, from The 1975, to Mount Kimbie, to Paolo Nutini, to Sundara Karma, to name but a few. This shadow persona is soon to come into the light though, with the release of Clock That’s Stopped and the upcoming EP which is set to drop very soon, on June 9th.

Clock That’s Stopped is a redolently sweet track, with a darker undertone. It is electro-soul, combining pop sensibilities with neo-soul emotionality, and the relaxed moods of chillwave. Lyrics about passing time, fading cities, ghostly car lights coalesce as the track modulates through it’s 3:36 run-time. Harlequiin effortlessly raises the mundane to the transcendent, flitting from one piece of imagery to another, all the while being grounded in the rich and well-layered electronic soundscape that he has created. ‘Fill your pockets with minutes now’ he sings, almost anchoring us to that space of time we all experience but take for granted, the present.

If you’re into Flume, Fyfe, or Chet Faker, Harlequiin is definitely an artist you should be checking out, and his upcoming EP will welcome you into the pseudo-cinematic world he has made in his music.

You can check out Harlequiin’s new release, Clock That’s Stopped, here:

Credit: Harlequiin


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