Jorja Smith Teaches Us Another Life Lesson On ‘Teenage Fantasy’

Written by Dorica Santos

Ahead of her birthday weekend, Jorja Smith released a very relatable track, Teenage Fantasy, which demonstrates her maturity and transition into womanhood. The almost 20-year-old perfectly captures how we all daydream about that one person we can’t have, yet even if we do, it’d never enough. We’re not easy to please, are we?

Jorja wrote this song at 16 yet, it comes across as personal, honest and raw; like she’s singing straight from her diary. Her signature soulful voice narrates the emotions of a teenage girl learning about love and advice from those around her “I was warned by my brothers to find another lover.”

Jorja’s Instagram post on the release of the song shows exactly the feeling she has about it.

2017 has been a great year for talented and gorgeous Jorja Smith, with the feature on Drake’s More Life and previous single, Beautiful Little Fools. Like many other artists, Jorja sings what we all can’t say and helps to keep us sane by reminding us what truly matters. With her birthday weekend coming up, we are looking forward to

Check out the track below


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