Ionnalee’s Is ‘Not Human’ In New Track

Written by Leo Baldi

Ionnalee unveiled the follow up to her previously released Samaritan audiovisual. Not Human is out now, and it is another spectacular piece of norse synth-pop. Its sonorities subtly echo Samaritan in a delicate way and tease the proximity of a stunning debut album.

The song was produced in collaboration with Com Truise and the result is extremely tasteful. Not Human is slightly reminiscent of the atmospheres in Blue Blue by iamamwhoami, with the ethereal but very powerful vocals by Ionna, the crisp melody and the ever-so-intriguing 70’s disco ‘cavalcade’ beat, adorned with fiery and feral lyrics.

The music video premiered at The Fader on June 2nd and it shows a side of ionnalee that is very dangerous and sensual, however never tacky or straight up sexy, showing a lot of class and Bjork-ish wit. The storyline is as confusing as ever, but I guess we won’t really know all about it until the whole project is out. Ionna is sporting her usual ‘wraith-blonde’ look, complete with her white and long eyelashes; beautiful and enigmatic actors surround her while she performs the song, with cut-scenes showing her ‘not human’ side. The overall atmosphere ties it together with the dark, yet pale and ghastly, Samaritan.

Two thumbs up for this new piece of music by ionnalee (oh there’s also a bongo section at the end, just saying).

Credit: iamamiwhoami


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