Alkaline Recruits Kojo Funds And Chip For ‘Extra Lesson’ Remix

Written by Rahoul Naik

Twenty-four old Dancehall artist Alkaline says his music represents everything that society is afraid of and society represents everything that he is afraid of. Alkaline comes to the fore with a bundle of hardcore rhymes, killer hooks and slick production, and undoubtedly one of the “Baddest” lyricist.

Alkaline dropped the original, Extra Lesson last year, however the song is going to have a rejuvenated effort this summer with extra verses from some of the UK’s baddest artists; Kojo Funds and Chip.

Kojo’s ‘Afroswing’ vibe and flow really lends itself to the dancehall and reggae genres and his effort on the remix does not go unnoticed with his ability to effortlessly find pockets on the beat to really show us why we need to pay attention to him.

Similarly, Chip has been no stranger to dancehall and reggae vibes with already having done tracks like Style Dat with Kranium and Every Gyal with Mavado. Chip’s accent and flow change massively but he is just as comfortable as he is on a Grime or Hip-Hop beats and it’s a real testament to his craft and talent.

Although the track is quite a slow vibe, we expect this to be played throughout the summer from your local BBQ to some of the biggest festivals this year.

Check out the track below.

Credit: AlkalineVEVO


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