Robotaki Gears Up For Summer With ‘Monkey Bars’ Featuring Claire Ridgely

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Canadian producer Robotaki gives us Monkey Bars featuring Claire Ridgely and it’s the perfect song to add to your summertime playlist. It almost makes you want to hit the pool, throw a BBQ party or just chill out in the backyard with some friends.

Based in Toronto, Robotaki has produced several hits such as his remix of Porter and Madeon’s Shelter which caught a lot of attention on Soundcloud. But remixes aren’t just his forte. Robotaki has hit singles such as Ghostboy feat. Claire Ridgley, Drunk feat. Reece, and Right Time feat. Ari.

Robotaki says: “It’s a happy song. It’s for the summer days spent with best friends and someone new that makes you feel alive. Play it while you’re driving with the windows down, play it when you wake up and play it when you’re getting ready to go out.”

Monkey Bars captures the essence of summerListen for yourself below!

Credit: Robotaki

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SoundCloud: @robotaki
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